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MECA0041 : Internal Combustion Engines


MECA0041 : Internal Combustion Engines

Pedagogical Commitment :

Course Organization

  • PRACTICAL INFORMATION : every wednesday on lifesize, at 13H45
  • AGENDA: see MyULiege


  • AGENDA & ROOM: June
  • QUESTION LIST : List of questions available soon

Lecture Notes :

Available for students only, please connect to MyULiege.

MECA0041-a, fundamentals, download chapters 1 to 7 in pdf format

MECA0041-b, transport, download 3 additional chapters in pdf format


Podcasts and LIFESIZE records of the lectures :

ICE part 1:

  1. INTRODUCTION TO ICE (Description of engine parts)
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
  3. CHARACTERISE PERFORMANCE (Imep, Bmep, efficiency)
  4. INTERNAL FLOWS (intake & exhaust)
  5. COMBUSTION OF FUELS (PART 1) (Fuel properties, AFT) AND TP1
  6. COMBUSTION IN ICE (PART 2) (Knocking, parameters)
  7. ENGINE DEPOLLUTION (emissions, aftertreatments)
  8. TP2
ICE part 2, application to transport:
  1. The transport sector, evolution of engine technologies (part 2 begins 2)
  2. Engine lubrication principles
  3. Alternative solutions vs gasoline and diesel
  4. End of the course and discussions about exam

Reference books

1. John B. Heywood, Internal Combustion Fundamentals, McGRAW-HILL, Automotive Technology Series, ISBN 0-07-100499-8, 1988

2. R. Ferguson, A.-T. Kirkpatrick, Internal Combustion Engines, 3rd Edition, WILEY, ISBN 978-1-118-53331-4, 2015


  • Group project 2020-2021