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Prject ARC03/08-298 "Modeling, Multiphysics Simulation and Optimization of Coupled Problems - Application to Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems", funded by the Communauté Française.


This project “Action de Recherche Concertée” endeavors to create constructive collaboration between computational experts in solid and fluid mechanics, electrostatics, electromagnetism and multidisciplinary optimization.

The main objective of this research relates on one hand, to the modeling, the simulation and the design of fluid-electro-thermo-mechanical microsystems and on the other hand, to the shape and topology optimization of these microsystems by taking manufacturing and reliability constraints into account.

One of the major challenges of the design in nonlinear coupled mechanics is to reinforce the experimental approach which is often long and expensive by works in modeling and simulation. Indeed, the proposed numerical approach allows:

  • to provide a good framework for a better understanding and description of strongly coupled problems ;

  • to reduce the experimental effort to optimized structures or to obtaining results that are essential to the comprehension of the studied phenomena ;

  • to use theoretical models to identify the state variables and parameters which condition the evolutions observed in experiments ;

  • to generate systematic and rational tools to optimize the design.

The objective in the long term is to develop a software environment allowing the design of new optimized microsystems. At the end of the research, the anticipated results is:

  • to have methods of calculation well adapted to the simulation of the fluid-electro-thermo-mechanical behavior of microstructures ;

  • to have methods of design and of topology optimization of microstructures ;

  • to have methods allowing to quantify the role of materials according to their manufacturing methods and to quantify the influence of the statistical distribution of their properties ;

  • to predict and optimize the robustness and the reliability of strongly coupled problems.